Time for a new direction?


What changes when we think about involvement as learning?

Public involvement in research has long been described as a process of two-way learning.  Focusing on this learning, and in particular what researchers learn from others’ experiential knowledge, suggests a different way to think about the ‘why’ and the ‘how’, as well as how to evaluate and report involvement.

Read more in this series of blogs:

Blog post #1: PPI. Learning it is. What can Yoda teach us about involvement in research?

Blog post #2: Researchers and the public as ‘thinking partners’. Why there’s no ‘method’ for involvement.

Blog post #3: Conflict as thinking. The challenge in working with different kinds of ‘thinking partners’.

Blog post #4: What is the purpose of involvement? To avoid bias in researchers’ thinking…

Blog post #5: Why try and objectify PPI? What gets lost in the process?

Blog post #6: Evaluating the impact of involvement. Tales of the unexpected?




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